About Us

Fort Consulting, LLC provides strategic and management consulting services to companies in all industries. Our “cradle to grave” suite of services improves companies at every stage of their life; from start-up assistance, to problem solving and growth strategy, to exits and sales.

Our philosophy is simple, we use proven methodologies and research instead of intuition and luck.

Our clients are successful, they get a return on their investment in us, and anxiety is alleviated by knowing what to do and why.

Below are just some examples of how Fort Consulting, LLC can help your business.

  • A startup’s chances of success and funding increase significantly with the knowledge and direction provided by a feasibility study and funding preparation.
  • Advertising can actually earn a return on investment when research is conducted to determine what your target market really wants to see and how you should differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Growth can be achieved regardless of economy with an efficient strategic plan.
  • Problems can be identified and solved in short order with proper methodologies.
  • Businesses actually sell when a broker does a valuation and sales kit vs. simply listing it on the Internet.
  • Economic development occurs in you village, town, city, or county.